How to Laugh Like Idiots
ft. BTOB


If you’re ever sad just listen to this

Youngjae x BtoB ♥

Peniel: Have a good day everyone‼
Youngjae: You too.

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when hyunsik decides to be a smartass and accidentally brings back ilhoon’s memory of his traumatizing childhood x

"whenever hakyeon feels tired as a leader and has something he can’t talk to anyone else about, he’ll talk to me."

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sungjae tasting it right after sticking it inside his nose

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baby squirrel practising his moves

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“And when the moon is up at the dark of night
it is your body I desire on top of mine.
Even when your windows reflect the sun’s rays,
I think I will still crave your taste.” —

More Than A Kiss by M.D.L

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Ways to make me fall for you

1.) Initiate eye contact
2.) Smile