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BTS in Thailand


People who are born in 2000 are 14 this year.


이거 이상한건가…ㅋㅋ

130903 Idol Star Athletic Championship

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Title: Unknown 하루만 (Just One Day) [MR Removed]
Artist: Unknown 방탄소년단 (BTS)
Album: Unknown
Played: 11181 times

Title: Unknown Yoona's Choding Voices
Artist: Unknown Lim Yoona
Album: Unknown
Played: 9989 times


Same date, same month, same tragedy but different year. Exactly 102 years ago, the Titanic sank. And today, South Korea ferry sank.

Four people were killed and 300 were missing after the collapse on the southeast coast of South Korea a ferry with 476 passengers on board. =’(

much strength to our brothers in South Korea, just as much force to the families who have lost relatives in this tragedy, honestly there are no words … very strong! ‪Pray For South Korea‬